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Γερμανικό Βραβείο Λογοτεχνίας 2013

A man's journey through the no-man’s-land of grief. After his wife Flora’s suicide Darius is hardly able to carry on. When he finds Flora’s secret diary, he gets into his car and starts travelling all over Europe. Just like back when Darius and Flora were young and newly in love. During his journey, he learns from the diary how monstrously vulnerable Flora had always been – and that he hadn't had a clue of any of it.

A superb new fantasy trilogy comes to Gollancz . . .

The Book and the Sword fantasy trilogy by debut author Antoine Rouaud was acquired in a pre-emptive deal by Gollancz at the Frankfurt Bookfair this year. Editorial Director Gillian Redfearn took World English Language rights off the table within hours of hearing the pitch, to the delight of Antoine’s publisher and agent Stephane Marsan of Bragelonne. The Book and the Sword went on to be the fantasy series of the fair, with a pre-emptive deal made in Germany, by Sascha Manczak of Heyne, and offers made for both Dutch and Spanish rights. There are even rumours of a movie deal already in the works.

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