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The plot of the novel is based on a real fact and it takes place in one year’s time. The main characters are members of a family: the father, a 63 year-old pharmacist, the eldest daughter, 28 year-old Eve, a biologist doing research concerning microchips that could recall the memory, and the teenager son Aris, aged 17. These three are also the narrators of the story as each chapter is presented by one of them, in his own particular style.

In Greece 29% of the population are unemployed. Yet the ‘unemployed’ often fade into a faceless mass. Their introspection, their guilt, their shame and their resignation lead them to shut themselves in their homes and not attempt to speak, to protest, to complain, to shout. They often prefer themselves to remain invisible, in order not to provoke pity.” The Diary of the Unemployed began as an online experiment where “the unemployed themselves write about their experiences, their torments, they outline their demands to a society that must urgently reverse its priorities. First the unemployed and then the middle-class. First the unemployed and then the minimum wage. First the unemployed and then the property tax. First the unemployed and then pensions and rebates.”

Kastaniotis, 2014, 221 p.

16 year old Alice is fed up with her life with her parents: her father is jobless since a moment now and money problems create cracks in the couple and the family.

Vassilis Zois, a student from a small Greek village, studies Medicine and travels to China, where he imports seeds of a scared plant.

A public employee working at the Bureau of Uncommon Inquiries receives the first request ever deposited at this Department since its making.

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