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The Revenge of Salathiel

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In Eliezer, a world hidden and distant, the magic, the improbability and the variation of good and evil reside in the lives and the death of its creatures.

The miracles, the secrets, the history and the unwritten destiny of the Continent and the Ocean, the cities and the villages, the people and the monsters, begin to unfold like a labyrinth that never ends.

Salathiel is a hero of another world, in the beginning of a great journey, at the end of which the unbearable atonement and the individual’s sorrow of the sacrifice for the world always battle.

The fall and resurgence of Salathiel’s happiness precede the collapse of the complex society of Eliezer. Will he be able to survive against such a callous yet beauteous world? Will he reach the end of the mystery that upsets his serene life? How is revenge conceived and realized in a world different from ours?

This is the first book of a trilogy about the world of Eliezer. The chronicle of a story is unrolled, a story that is about not only what triggers life, but also about our unworldly fate; and it starts like any other story of vengeance that honors its motives, its anguish, its own substance: with a murder.

An astonishing debut novel by a young talented Greek writer, an impressive fantasy tale.

The eternal battle between Good and Evil in a captivating story of revenge  and quest for self-awareness.

English extracts available

Klidarithmos, 2011, 376 p.

Eleftheropoulos Tzortzis

Tzortzis Eleftheropoulos was born in 1988 in Chania, Crete. He lives in Athens.

He studies International and European Studies in Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. He speaks English, French and German. With a passion for literature and cinema, he has been writing systematically since the age of fifteen.

His debut novel The Revenge of Salathiel was published by Klidarithmos Publications in 2011. It is the first book of a trilogy including strong elements of fantasy, science and alternative fiction and literary influences from J. R. R. Tolkien, Doris Lessing and H. Ph. Lovecraft.