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Like a Thief in the Night

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Lida Loizou is considered the best actress of her time. It is the premiere of her latest stage role and everything is going dreamily until something unexpected happens. In the middle of the last act, a man dressed in a white suit and wearing a hat that conceals his face, rises from his seat and jumps onto the stage. The man tells Lida disconcerting things that affect her deeply, and invites her to a place called Spiritia before disappearing. Lida passes out on stage, and the play comes to a halt. After she comes to, Lida soon realises that no one else in the theatre saw this man.


However, the next day, a man visits her and tells her that he saw everything that happened on the stage. She is intrigued by his proposal to find this man and they set off together in search of him and this place called Spiritia.

And so Lida sets off on a journey to unfamiliar places. She descends into a bizarre world that brings a number of buried secrets and forgotten events to the surface.  The only constants on her journey are Love and Death. A reader may never view life in quite the same way.

Stamatis Alexis

Alexis Stamatis was born in Athens. He studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Athens and received postgraduate degrees in architecture and cinematography in London. He is an architect. He also writes columns about cultural issues. He has published six collections of poetry, his poems have appeared in foreign magazines and his novels have been translated into English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian. His second book, “The Architecture of Interior Spaces”, was awarded the Nikiforos Vretakos Poetry Prize in 1994 and “American Fugue” won the International prize for literature of the American Federal Arts Institute. 

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