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Theseus Street

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Stefanos is a young programmer in a large IT company. He lives in a completely rational world, believing there is an explanation for everything in life. Suddenly, into his daily routine there comes a woman, Eleni. The “Stefanos” system starts to come unravelled, love rocks his mechanical view of his universe, yet resistance to change is still strong. At some point, however, the unexpected happens: Eleni disappears in mysterious circumstances.

The absence of his love leads Stefanos to a dark search, in which he realises that the methods he has learnt to use thus far are not enough for him. Yet can a man go against his own nature?

Stamatis Alexis

Alexis Stamatis was born in Athens. He studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Athens and received postgraduate degrees in architecture and cinematography in London. He is an architect. He also writes columns about cultural issues. He has published six collections of poetry, his poems have appeared in foreign magazines and his novels have been translated into English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian. His second book, “The Architecture of Interior Spaces”, was awarded the Nikiforos Vretakos Poetry Prize in 1994 and “American Fugue” won the International prize for literature of the American Federal Arts Institute. 

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