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Nine lives left

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High season is coming to an end in a small island of the Aegean, and as holidaymakers leave for the city, the cats they cared for during summer are now left alone and helpless. All together they will try to face the odds, to remain united as a team and to reach the other end of the island, the port, where they believe they will survive during the coming winter.


The distance they will have to cover with Khruschev’s team is just as hard as the world they slowly discover: the world of growing to adulthood. While crossing the island, Marie Chantal will face storms, violent winds, fangs, claws and beaks. She will confess her pain; she will feel love and hate; she will hunt and be hunted. Along with the team, she will lick her wounds and pull a balancing act on her edgy resilience. Yet, is she ready to renounce her freedom for the security of being adopted, to forget about the adrenalin of the hunt, to abandon love?

A road movie of nine lives and a very touching story of freedom; a novel of self-discovery and rite of passage, with cats as the main characters – human, all too human.

Mavroeidis Zacharias

Zacharias Mavroeidis grew up in Athens, in a house filled with cats. He studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and theatre at RESAD in Madrid, and ended up working in cinema. In 2011 he directed his first feature-length movie titled The tour guide. The story of Marie Chantal with nine lives is his first novel.