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Details about the End of the World

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With his discerning eye for the details that comprise the larger picture, Aranitsis' novel chronicles the Kintis family, that spans three decades.

Kintis' daughter, Amalia, is a sensitive soul determined to devote her life to music, but ends up marrying Maragakis, the son of her father's attorney and political associate. They have two children together, Danae and Constantine.


When their children reach their teens, Maragakis begins a long-term affair with a nurse, and sets her up in an apartment. Amalia cannot cope with the discovery of her husband's marital infidelity and winds up in a mental hospital. After he is threatened by his lover's father, Maragakis dies of a heart attack. After his funeral, Danae and Constantine start exploring their sexuality in an erotic game of reversal, feebly attempting to solidify their relationship with each other.

Published in France by Flammarion


NEFELI, 420 p., 1998


Aranitsis Evgenios

Evgenios Aranitsis, poet, novelist and essayist, was born in Corfu in 1955. In 1986, in collaboration with Odysseas Elytis, he published the lyrical album The Room with the Pictures. His collection To whom Corfu Belongs (1999) was awarded the State Literary Prize for the essay genre. Since 1978 he has been a columnist for Eleftherotypia. Since the early 90’s he has been working on a long and complex composition entitled Order and Anarchy, parts of which have appeared in literary journals. In 2007, the literary review Porfyras published a special issue on his work. In the same year, his novel Details on the End of the World (1993) came out in French by Flammarion. Other works of his include: Africa (1988); Poems & Acts (1990); Stories liked by Some People I know (1995); Physics (1995); The Sea (1998); Orphan Drugs (1999); Ips typographus: Elytis for Children and Lovers (2000) and Summer on the Hard Disc (2002).

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