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Stamatis Alexis

Stamatis Alexis

Alexis Stamatis was born in Athens. He studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Athens and received postgraduate degrees in architecture and cinematography in London. He is an architect. He also writes columns about cultural issues. He has published six collections of poetry, his poems have appeared in foreign magazines and his novels have been translated into English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian. His second book, “The Architecture of Interior Spaces”, was awarded the Nikiforos Vretakos Poetry Prize in 1994 and “American Fugue” won the International prize for literature of the American Federal Arts Institute. 

Thanos left his village eleven years ago to look for his dreams in the capital. 'Nothing of me is visible', is his motto in the magic melting pot called Athens, where he stumbles from one downfall to the next. When his father dies, he returns to the village for the funeral. The paternal legacy is a small sum of money but also an old Polaroid photograph that will place before him a terrible enigma: an odd dissonance in the otherwise uneventful life of a peace loving man. In order to solve this unexpected riddle, he will have to resolve some core issues of his own.

The father is oppressive, sadistic, corrupt. The mother is god-fearing, transcendental, submissive. The three children scattered here and there, trying to exorcise the dark family secrets no-one wishes to face. The moon-like landscape of Santorini maintains the relationships at high temperatures. Years later the father asks them all to spend Easter at the family hoe in Ia. They turn up at the island, not suspecting that during the course of the next ten days they are to experience perhaps the most earth-shattering events of their lives. Spirits flare, past and present ghosts make their appearance. What is to happen however is that which the human mind cannot easily fathom.

Stefanos is a young programmer in a large IT company. He lives in a completely rational world, believing there is an explanation for everything in life. Suddenly, into his daily routine there comes a woman, Eleni. The “Stefanos” system starts to come unravelled, love rocks his mechanical view of his universe, yet resistance to change is still strong. At some point, however, the unexpected happens: Eleni disappears in mysterious circumstances.

Lida Loizou is considered the best actress of her time. It is the premiere of her latest stage role and everything is going dreamily until something unexpected happens. In the middle of the last act, a man dressed in a white suit and wearing a hat that conceals his face, rises from his seat and jumps onto the stage. The man tells Lida disconcerting things that affect her deeply, and invites her to a place called Spiritia before disappearing. Lida passes out on stage, and the play comes to a halt. After she comes to, Lida soon realises that no one else in the theatre saw this man.

An author’s life has hit rock bottom. Then he receives an unexpected invitation to teach a literature course in the States and decides to go, leaving behind the ghosts of his past. But his new world holds still worse in store. Which is why he rents a Ford one morning and loses himself in the desert. There, he meets the man who turns his life upside down forever; the man in the black Mustang.

Sunday, October 4, 2009: The day of the legislative elections. While Greece is on the threshold of a new phase in its history, with the global financial crisis knocking persistently on her door, two people come together under unexpected circumstances: Vassilis, a taciturn nineteen-year-old trying to solve the riddle of his father’s suicide, and petros, a middle-aged journalist mourning the death of his wife for many years.