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Alice in the city

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16 year old Alice is fed up with her life with her parents: her father is jobless since a moment now and money problems create cracks in the couple and the family.


Alice will quit her home for one day and one night. She will meet or visit different friends and in her 24hour expedition we will see how Athens is changing, getting poorer after the financial and social problems of the last years.

Late in the night, she will be attacked in the metro by some youngsters who will try to rape her, but she will successfully defend herself and this is the optimism this novella leaves to the reader: the possibility of reaction with result..

Patakis, 2014, 68 p.

Pipini Argyro

Argyro Pipini was born in Agrinio and lives in Athens. She studied Law and Theatre and she has written and translated many children and YA books.